Lead Working Party for WRC-19 Agenda Items

This table is based upon the output from CPM19-1 as described in Administrative Circular CA/226. Any further information from Study Group or Working Party chairman would be appreciated.

Select one of the following Working Parties:

WP 1A Spectrum engineering techniques
WP 1B Spectrum management methodologies and economic strategies
WP 1C Spectrum monitoring
WP 3J Propagation fundamentals
WP 3K Point-to-area propagation
WP 3L Ionospheric propagation and radio noise
WP 3M Point-to-point and Earth-space propagation
WP 4A Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization for FSS and BSS
WP 4B Systems, air interfaces, performance and availability objectives for FSS, BSS and MSS, including IP-based applications and satellite news gathering
WP 4C Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization for MSS and RDSS
WP 5A Land mobile service excluding IMT; amateur and amateur-satellite service
WP 5B Maritime mobile service including the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS); the aeronautical mobile service and the radiodetermination service
WP 5C Fixed wireless systems; HF and other systems below 30 MHz in the fixed and land mobile services
WP 5D IMT Systems
TG 5/1 Spectrum needs for the terrestrial component of IMT in the frequency range between 24.25 GHz and 86 GHz
WP 6A Terrestrial broadcasting delivery
WP 6B Broadcast service assembly and access
WP 6C Programme production and quality assessment?
WP 7A Time signals and frequency standard emissions
WP 7B Space radiocommunication applications
WP 7C Remote sensing systems
WP 7D Radio astronomy