Visualyse EPFD – non-GSO Filing and Article 22 EPFD Limits

Visualyse EPFD is a mature and fully tested implementation of the direct simulation algorithm contained in Recommendation ITU-R S.1503. It is available directly from Transfinite now and is currently in the final stages of evaluation by ITU-R

Built around the tried and tested Visualyse Professional engine, Visualyse EPFD evaluates the compatibility of a non-GSO filing with the limits in Article 22 – assessed according to the methods of Recommendation ITU-R S.1503.

For each filing there are multiple applicable EPFD limits depending on frequency band and victim antenna dish size. Visualyse EPFD automatically sets up simulations for each applicable limit. It calculates the worst case location for the victim station and undertakes a complex calculation for each case.

The calculation is based on the dynamics of the non-GSO system and the geometry dependent EPFD masks that will be notified with the network. For detailed discussion of the algorithm you can download documents from the download section of this site.

A full technical description and a number of downloadable packages are available in the download section of this site. We would also be delighted to send you discs, emails or chat on the phone to you about any aspect of non-GSO coordination, EPFD or the BR validation program.