Visualyse GSO – Satellite Coordination Support Software

Visualyse GSO supports you at every stage of the GSO satellite coordination process - from gathering information through initial trigger analysis and into detailed analysis and bi-lateral coordination support.

The philosophy behind Visualyse GSO is to make the most of the limited time that you have to get coordination done. Apply your expertise efficiently and effectively and let the software take the strain of processing the data.

A beautifully focussed software tool, Visualyse GSO takes all the legwork out of analysing published data and allows you to identify and concentrate on those (often only a few) cases that are critical in your GSO Satellite Coordination.

Visualyse GSO interfaces directly to the Space IFIC and SRS databases and to the GIMS antenna library. It outputs textual, numerical and graphical information in formats compatible with spreadsheet and word processor applications.

As you would expect from Transfinite, the software has a range of exciting bells and whistles – for instance the ability to do regulatory priority analysis, a slot finder tool to assess how crowded the SRS is in any orbital range and a tool for simplified editing of network data within the application.

A full technical description and a number of downloadable packages are available in the download section of this site. We would also be delighted to send you disks, emails or chat on the phone to you about any aspect of Visualyse GSO.