Ian Flood

Ian Flood is an experienced engineer specialising in spectrum sharing studies and interference management problems.

Working for the Radiocommunications Agency and then Ofcom in the UK, Ian was responsible for the development of frequency assignment criteria for microwave fixed links.

Since joining Transfinite in 2013, Ian has worked on studies involving Wi-Fi, fixed links, satellite services and mobile services including 5G. Specific problems include geographic sharing between fixed and mobile services, sharing between Wi-Fi and the fixed satellite service, proposals for fixed satellite service interference protection criteria, adjacent channel compatibility between mobile and fixed satellite services, interference from mobile networks into mobile satellite service user links and a mathematical method for precise service apportionment in spectrum sharing and compatibility studies. His work includes representation at various fora including within CEPT and ITU.

Ian is a chartered engineer, holding a PhD in graph-theoretic studies and with membership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the London Mathematical Society. He has published several peer reviewed journal papers on aspects of spectrum engineering.

Selected Publications:

Flood, I. & Bacon, D. (2006), Towards more spectrally efficient frequency assignment for microwave fixed links, Int. J. Mobile Network Design and Innovation, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp.147-152.

Flood, I. D., & Allen, S. M. (2012). The fixed links frequency assignment problem with equipment selection. Wireless Personal Communications, 71, 181–194.

Parker, J.R., Flood, I.D. & Carter, G.D. (2020), Adjacent channel compatibility between IMT and ubiquitous FSS Earth Stations in the 3.4-3.8 GHz frequency band. Wireless Netw.