Visualyse Coordinate – Satellite Earth Station Coordination

Visualyse Coordinate Cover Image

Visualyse Coordinate is a tool that makes the generation of earth station coordination contours and the subsequent coordination a simple task.

The software is designed specifically to automate the process of contour generation and then the C/I analysis of interference to and from any radio systems within that contour which have frequency overlap with the earth station.

Though simple and quick to use, the contouring software allows you to modify and tune your technical data to do ‘what if?’ analysis – change your power levels, antenna performance or other system parameters and see immediately the effect on the contour.

The effect of terrain on the contour is automatically taken into account by the extraction of the horizon angle on each azimuth.

When you are happy with the contour, the software will automatically extract data for any other networks within that contour and do detailed C/I analysis for each. This analysis is based on best available ITU-R models including the propagation model Recommendation ITU-R P 452. The model uses detailed terrain data to extract path profiles and calculate transhorizon propagation losses.

As usual, Transfinite software has a few special extra features, including a site analysis tool. If you are not sure where to place your earth station and have some options, this tool will highlight areas where the coordination process may be easier to complete.

A full technical description and a number of downloadable packages are available in the download section of this site. We would also be delighted to send you discs, emails or chat on the phone to you about any aspect of earth station coordination.