ITU Representation

Our consultants have been a fixture in the ITU-R arena for many years. At Study Groups, Conference Preparatory Meetings and at WRCs you will usually a representative of Transfinite.

Our experience in developing and supporting studies for our clients has resulted in the successful adoption of several ITU-R Recommendations based on our work.

Our understanding of the WRC centred study cycle and familiarity with the environment of the ITU in Geneva means that we can operate effectively to help you protect your interests in what is becoming an increasingly competitive arena.

Also, the ubiquitous nature of Visualyse software products as the tool of choice with the ITU-R Study Groups, means we are in a good position to understand and analyse other peoples technical work. The ITU area of this site has lists some of the contributions to the ITU Study Groups that have used our software in the past.

You can view a full company capability profile from the download area of this web site and we would also be delighted to send you an email or chat on the phone to you about any aspect of the ITU in Geneva, the Radio Regulations, ITU-R Recommendations or our consultancy services in general. Please call us, write or send an email if you would like more information.

If you are heading for Geneva you may find this link useful