WRC 2019 Agenda Items for WP 1A

Spectrum engineering techniques

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda Item 1.15

This agenda item relates to consideration of identification of frequency bands for use by administrations for the land-mobile and fixed services applications operating in the frequency range 275-450 GHz, in accordance with Resolution 767 [COM6/14] (WRC-15).

The ITU-R is invited to:

  1. identify the technical and operational characteristics of systems in the land-mobile and fixed services operating above 275 GHz,
  2. to study these system's spectrum needs,
  3. to develop propagation models appropriate for this frequency range to support compatibility analysis between land-mobile, fixed and passive services,
  4. to conduct sharing studies between these services while maintaining protection of the passive services in 5.565, and
  5. to identify candidate frequency bands for the land-mobile and fixed services taking into account the results of 1-4 above.