WRC 2019 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda Item 8
Resolution(s): Resolution 26 (Rev. WRC-07)
Description of work:

This agenda item relates to consideration and appropriate action taken on requests from administrations to delete their country footnotes or to have their country name deleted from footnotes, if no longer required, taking into account Resolution 26 (Rev.WRC-07).

Lead Working Party(s):
Involved Working Parties:
How Visualyse products can help: The Visualyse range of products can be used to assist in management of the radio spectrum, and analysing the impact of any regulatory changes. In particular, the Visualyse Professional study tool's flexibility means it is able to model the widest range of systems and services and hence analyse an extremely wide range of footnotes.
How Transfinite consultants can help: We have detailed understanding of the Radio Regulations that would allow us to support your needs to change any footnote. Using our in house Visualyse Professional we can quickly model a very wide range of systems, services and scenarios.
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