WRC 2007 Agenda Items for which there is no specific Working Party

The list below shows all the WRC 2007 Agenda Items for which this group is involved. Click on an Agenda Item or Resolution to get more information about which Visualyse product could be useful, and how Transfinite consultants can assist in studying this problem.

Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.1 Deletion from footnotes in S5
Resolution 610 [COM5/18] This resolution relates to coordination and bi-lateral resolution of technical compatibility issues for RNSS networks in the bands 1 164 - 1 300 MHz, 1 559 - 1 610, and 5 010 - 5 030 MHz. It identifies when coordination is required and what procedures should be followed.
Resolution 716 To provide to the BR tools that can be used in the detailed coordination of MSS systems and in the transition of 2 GHz FS links