WRC 2007 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Resolution 610 [COM5/18]
Resolution(s): Resolution 610 [COM5/18]
Description of work: This resolution relates to coordination and bi-lateral resolution of technical compatibility issues for RNSS networks in the bands 1 164 - 1 300 MHz, 1 559 - 1 610, and 5 010 - 5 030 MHz. It identifies when coordination is required and what procedures should be followed.
Lead Working Party(s): none
Involved Working Parties: none
How Visualyse products can help: Visualyse Professional can be used to assist in the coordination between RNSS systems, as it can model non-GSO systems in detail and contains the principle gain patterns for systems such as GPS.
How Transfinite consultants can help: We can undertake studies including analysis of sharing between the services covered by this resolution, and identify suitable system characteristics and sharing criterias, and provide contributions and representation at relevant ITU-R Working Parties.
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