WRC 2007 Agenda Items for WP 4B

Systems, performance, availability and maintenance of FSS, satellite news gathering (SNG) and outside broadcast via satellite

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.19 This agenda item relates to spectrum for broadband services via satellite. A number of bands have been identified in 5.BC03 for use by high density fixed satellite service (HDFSS) applications, and it would be beneficial if there were globally harmonised spectrum. Work is therefore required to: i) identify the requirement for spectrum for these types of systems; ii) identify the preferred global harmonised bands, potentially including sharing studies with other services allocated in these bands
Resolution 4 This resolution relates to the concept of a period of validity of frequency assignments to space stations, in particular for the geostationary orbit. This would make an assignment discontinued after the expiry of the period of operation, calculated from the date the assignment was brought into service and the satellite network's design period. It calls for studies with respect to its implementation.