WRC 2007 Agenda Items for WP 8F

IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.4 This wide ranging Agenda Item relates to the further development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000, in particular: i) studies of the requirements for spectrum and potential frequency ranges ii) consideration of spectrum at frequencies below those identified in 5.317A (806 - 960 MHz) iii) that the studies in i) above should take account of benefit to developing countries of the satellite component of IMT-2000; iv) that sharing and compatibility studies should be performed where necessary when considering additional frequency bands for IMT-2000
Resolution 221 This resolution covers operation of high altitude platform stations (HAPS) providing IMT-2000 services in bands around 2 GHz. It identifies pfd limits that HAPS stations must meet to protect terrestrial services, plus some gain patterns and out-of-band pfd masks. It invites study within the ITU-R of guidance to facilitate consultation with neighbouring administrations.
Resolution 223 Additional frequency bands for IMT-2000 including: i) sharing of IMT-2000 with other applications and services in the bands 1710 - 1885 MHz and 2500 - 2690 MHz; ii) harmonised frequency arrangements to achieve compatibility with arrangements used for 1G and 2G systems; iii) study future enhancements to IMT-2000 eg for IP services; iv) guidance to meet the needs of developing countries and rural areas
Resolution 224 Study suitable frequency bands for the terrestrial component of IMT-2000 that operates in frequency bands under 1 GHz