Visualyse Professional - make life easier, improve your output

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Visualyse Professional will make your life easier. Whether it allows you to do things you could not do before, makes the things you can already do more efficient or simply makes your day more interesting, the power and flexibility of Visualyse Professional will soon prove its value.

Visualyse Professional can be applied to studies and simulations of satellite systems and terrestrial networks of all kinds and across all frequency bands. As a tool for studying ‘What If’ scenarios it has no peers.

Whether your satellites are GSO, non-GSO, HEO or in any other type of earth orbit, Visualyse can model their behaviour.

Terrestrial fixed links, mobiles stations and cellular networks can be defined and analysed.

Multiple systems can be modelled in the same scenario and Visualyse can work out potential interference levels between any types of system.

So for example if you need to look WiMAX and FSS sharing frequencies, or Broadcasting sharing with IMT, or GSO and non-GSO satellites sharing, or mobile handsets interfering to radio astronomy, or aeronautical systems into terrestrial fixed links …….

In fact we have yet to find a scenario that we could not usefully model.

If you want more details, a full technical description of the antenna models, propagation models, Monte-Carlo dynamics, traffic analysis, terrain profiling etc. this can be found in the help system of the demonstration version of the software - available now in the download area. The demonstration version of the software also includes a full set of tutorial example files.

Details on Visualyse Professional Version 7.10 are available here

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