WRC 2003 Agenda Items for WP 8B

The list below shows all the WRC 2003 Agenda Items for which this group is involved. Click on an Agenda Item or Resolution to get more information about which Visualyse product could be useful, and how Transfinite consultants can assist in studying this problem.

Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.4 Sharing in the band 5091 - 5150 MHz between non-GSO MSS Feeder links and Aeronautical radionavigation services
Agenda 1.5 Consideration of new allocations in the bands 5150 - 5725 MHz for RLANs, EESS (active) and radiolocation. 1) RLANs allocations in 5150-5350 & 5470-5725 MHz, 2) Region 3 Fixed Service allocation in 5250-5350 MH, 3) additional primary allocations to EESS in 5460-5570 MHz, 4) Possible upgrading of radiolocation in 5350-5650 MHz
Agenda 1.9 Review old and new operational procedures for GMDSS
Agenda 1.10 Maritime Mobile service numbering and ship to shore distress communications
Agenda 1.12 Use of the frequency band 35.5 - 35.6 GHz by spaceborne precipitation radars
Agenda 1.14 Maritime Mobile in MF and MF bands
Agenda 1.15 Studies of the compatibility between the RNSS (s-E) service and aeronautical navigation service in band 960 - 1215 MHz including assessment need for aggregate PFD and revision if necessary of the PFD limit in the band 1164 - 1215 MHz
Agenda 1.15 Studies of the compatibility between RNSS (s-E) and radionavigation and radiolocation services in the band 1215 - 1300 MHz
Agenda 1.17 Upgrading radiolocation service in the range 2900 - 3100 MHz to primary taking account footnotes refering to usage by radionavigation for beacons and radars
Agenda 1.28 Use of the band 108 - 117.975 MHz band for the transmission of radionavigation differential correction signals by ICAO standard ground based systems
[Resolution 603] Study sharing between RNSS service in the 5000 - 5010 MHz and MLS systems in the 5030 - 5150 MHz bands.
[Resolution 607] Study compatibility of RNSS (E-s) and the radiolocation service in the band 1300 - 1350 MHz.