WRC 2003 Agenda Items for SG 6

The list below shows all the WRC 2003 Agenda Items for which this is the lead group. Click on an Agenda Item or Resolution to get more information about which Visualyse product to use and how Transfinite consultants could assist in studying this problem.

Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.2 HF Broadcasting
Agenda 1.27 Application and study of the regulatory procedures and assocated sharing criteria contained in Appendices S30 and S30A and associated provisions in Articles S9 and S100 as revised by WRC 2000
Agenda 1.27 Sharing procedures and criteria between RX ES in BSS and TX ES in the FSS or FS TX Stations in the relevant BSS, FSS or FS bands
Agenda 1.34 Use of the band 2630 - 2655 MHz in certain Region 3 countries by non-GSO satellite systems in the BSS (sound), including 1) calculation methodologies and sharing criteria, and 2) sharing studies between BSS (sound) and terrestrial services
Agenda 1.36 To examine the allocations for HF from about 4 MHz to 10 MHz taking into account seasonal planning procedures agreed at WRC 97
[Resolution 73] Rev. 2000 Resolution. Analysis of compatability problems between BSS in Region 1 and FSS in Region 3 in the frequency bands 12.2 - 12.5 GHz