WRC 2003 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda 1.31
Resolution(s): Resolution 226 (COM5/29)
Description of work: Sharing studies for possible MSS allocations in the 1-3 GHz band including 1518 - 1525 MHz, 1) taking into account Rec. 1459, 2) reviewing the PFD levels to use as coordination trigger to protect P-MP FS systems, 3) if sharing is unsatisfactory then to consider alternative bands in the 1-3 GHz range
Lead Study Group:: SG 8
Working Parties: WP 4A, WP 6S, WP 6E, WP 7E, WP 8A, WP 8D, WP 9B, WP 9D
How Visualyse products can help: Visualyse can model systems such as the MSS and P-MP FS systems that would operate in the 1518 - 1525 MHz band and can be used to calculate interference and PFD, and also calculate impact of PFD on the FS. Visualyse can also be used to analyse a wide range of services, so it can be used to examine the alternative bands that might be considered in the range 1 - 3 GHz.
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