WRC 2003 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda 1.13
Resolution(s): Resolution 122
Description of work: Use of the bands 47.2 - 47.5 GHz and 47.9 - 48.2 GHz by HAPS and potential use of bands between 18 - 32 GHz by HAPS in the FS including: 1) analyse cases where deployment of HAPS over one administration affects others, 2) continue to study sharing between HAPS and other services such as FS, RA, 3) study sharing with other services to identify 2 * 300 MHz paired bands in the range 18 - 30 GHz
Lead Study Group:: SG 9
Working Parties: WP 4A, 4-9S, WP 6S, WP 9B, WP 9D
How Visualyse products can help: Visualyse can model HAPS in detail including coverage and sharing with traditional FS and RA services, and other services that might share such as Fixed Satellite Service and Mobile Satellite Service. Visualyse can also model sharing between HAPS systems.
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