WRC 2027 Agenda Items for WP 5D

IMT Systems

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda Item 1.7

This agenda item is to consider studies on sharing and compatibility and develop technical conditions for use of IMT in the frequency bands 4.4 - 4.8 GHz, 7.125 - 8.4 GHz (or parts of) and 14.8 - 15.35 GHz taking into account existing primary services operating in those bands or adjacent frequency bands.

The ITU-R is invited to study:

1. the technical, operational and regulatory issues pertaining to the possible use of the terrestrial component of IMT in these bands taking into account:

  • the evolving needs to meet emerging demand for IMT
  • technical and operational characteristics of terrestrial IMT that would operate in these bands including the evolution of IMT through advances in technology and spectrally efficient techniques
  • deployment scenarios envisaged for IMT systems and related requirements of balanced coverage and capacity
  • the needs of developing countries
  • the time-frame in which spectrum would be needed

2. sharing and compatibility studies with a view to ensuring the protection of services for which the band is allocated on primary basis including protection of stations operating in international waters or airspace which cannot be registered in the MIFR without imposing additional regulatory or technical constraints on these services and also on services in adjacent bands

WRC-27 is invited to consider the results of the above studies and take necessary actions, as appropriate.