WRC 2012 Agenda Items for WP 5C

Fixed wireless systems; HF systems in the Fixed and Land Mobile Services

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.5 To consider worldwide/regional harmonization of spectrum for electronic news gathering (ENG), taking into account the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution [COM6/5]
Resolution 1.8 To consider the progress of ITU R studies concerning the technical and regulatory issues relative to the fixed service in the bands between 71 GHz and 238 GHz, taking into account Resolutions 731 (WRC 2000) and 732 (WRC 2000)
Agenda 1.20 To consider the results of ITU-R studies and spectrum identification for gateway links for high altitude platform stations (HAPS) in the range between 5 850 - 7 075 MHz in order to support operations in the fixed and mobile services