WRC 2012 Agenda Items for WP 4C

All mobile-satellite services and radiodetermination-satellite service

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.7 To consider the results of ITU-R studies in accordance with Resolution 222 (Rev.WRC 07) in order to ensure long-term spectrum availability and access to spectrum necessary to meet requirements for the aeronautical mobile satellite (R) service, and to take appropriate action on this subject, while retaining unchanged the generic allocation for the mobile satellite services in the bands 1 525 - 1 559 MHz and 1 626.5 - 1 660.5 MHz
Agenda 1.18 To consider extending the existing primary and secondary radiodetermination-satellite service (space-to-Earth) allocations in the band 2 483.5 - 2 500 MHz in order to make a global primary allocation, and to determine the necessary regulatory provisions based upon the results of ITU-R studies
Agenda 1.25 To consider possible additional allocations to the mobile-satellite service