WRC 2007 Agenda Items for WP 9C

Systems below 30 MHz (HF and others)

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda 1.13 This agenda item covers issues relating to all services in HF bands between 4 MHz and 10 MHz, excluding those in the band 7 000 - 7 200 kHz and those covered by Appendices 25, 26, and 27. Technological change has made bands allocated for A1A Morse telegraphy and narrow band direct printing under utilised, while there is a demand for new digital technology and more spectrum for broadcast applications. Studies are therefore required to: i) continue to study under Resolution 729 the use of frequency adaptive systems in the MF and HF bands; ii) identify the characteristics of digital system(s) to be used in the MF/HF bands by the maritime mobile service, taking into account MMS requirements and impact on Appendix 17; iii) study the potential to allocate further bands to the broadcast service, taking into account other services using these bands
Resolution 21 This resolution relates to impact of allocating the bands between 5 900 to 19 020 kHz which had allocations for mobile and fixed to the broadcast service. Any existing mobile or fixed service will therefore require to be reallocated. The Resolution calls on procedures at the BR to handle this over the transition period up to 1st April 2007.
Resolution 517 This resolution relates to the introduction of digitally modulated and single-sideband (SSB) emissions in HF bands between 5 900 kHz and 26 100 kHz allocated to the broadcasting service. It encourages the use of digital and SSB techniques over double-sideband emissions, and continuation of ongoing studies in the ITU-R on digital HF broadcasting.