WRC 2007 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda 1.16
Resolution(s): Resolution 344, 353 [COM4/4]
Description of work: This agenda item relates to the identification numbers issued to ships and other maritime related stations (eg coastal stations) called Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs). It covers the: i) review the Recommendations for assigning MMSIs, and identifying alternative resources if there is a rapid exhaustion of free MMSIs ii) study of the implications and any necessary changes involved in assigning MMSIs to SAR aircraft
Lead Working Party(s): WP 8B
Involved Working Parties: WP 8B
How Visualyse products can help: Visualyse products do not currently model systems below 30 MHz.
How Transfinite consultants can help: We can undertake studies and provide contributions and representation at relevant ITU-R Working Parties.
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