Visualyse SM

Visualyse Spectrum Manager is a new, innovative approach to management of the radio spectrum.

It handles all the key tasks including licence application, licence processing, licence search and display, technical analysis, management and reporting, engineering, and financial. What makes Visualyse Spectrum Manager (SM) unique is does all of this over the internet.

Visualyse SM is the first web based spectrum management solution, the model for licence management for the 21st Century.

It provides the key functionality via the web browser, without the need to switch between desktop programs or export data. In addition it offers an improved user experience, with templates and workflow designed with the latest technology.

Visualyse SM’s centralised database provides vigorous data integrity and audit control, and all its services can be accessed anywhere by any user – with a security system that ensures that access rights are enforced.

Its can be used manage a single block of spectrum, a set of blocks, or the entire spectrum in a country, and integrate with the latest GIS technology, such as Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth. Such a service approach is increasing the preferred approach for 21st Century Enterprise solutions, facilitating integration with other web based applications for a “best in class” approach

Visualyse SM is designed to be technology neutral, ready for a liberalised, converged approach to spectrum management

Visualyse SM can be licensed in a variety of forms, from customised, to off the shelf, to pay per use. We are ready and able to provide global spectrum management – via the web. Contact us for more information or read some of the White Papers in the downloads section of this site.