Visualyse™ EPFD Demo Installation Guide

System Requirements

Visualyse™ EPFD should run on most newer PCs but the following table represents what Transfinite Systems considers to be the minimum and recommended system specifications.

Minimum Recommended
CPU 3.0+ GHz Multi-Core Intel Core i7/i9/Xeon 3.6+ GHz (with Hyper-Threading)
RAM 4 GB 8+ GB
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/11 Microsoft Windows 10 64 Bit
3D Graphics Card 3D Capable Video Card with 256 MB VRAM 3D Capable Video Card with 1GB+ VRAM
Hard Disk Space 25 MB 25+ MB
Display 1280*1024 1920*1080 and above

Whilst it is possible to run Visualyse™ EPFD in virtualised environments (VMware, Parallels etc.) it is not something we generally recommend as users may find the software performance is not acceptable when compared to running on native hardware.

Remote Desktop Connections (RDC) can be used provided the host is sufficiently powerful.

Install Instructions

You will require “Administrator” privileges to install Visualyse™ EPFD and either “Standard User” or “Administrator” privileges to run Visualyse™ EPFD.

The software can be downloaded here

If you have any questions about the installation procedure, the software operation or Visualyse™ EPFD new features please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone on +44 (0)20 3904 3220