About Transfinite Systems

We are one of the leading consultancy and simulation software companies in the field of radiocommunications. We develop and market the leading Visualyse products:

  • Visualyse Professional
  • Visualyse Interplanetary
  • Visualyse GSO
  • Visualyse EPFD and associated PFD Mask Generator Tool

These are described further below.

Visualyse Professional

Visualyse Professional is a flexible study tool able to model a very wide range of radiocommunications systems, that can be used to analyse system performance including the impact of interference. Visualyse Professional can model transmit and receive stations located at fixed positions, mobile stations, aircraft, ships and also satellite systems including Earth stations, geostationary orbit, GSO satellites, non-GSO satellites and highly eccentric orbit (HEO) satellites.

It can be configured to analyse spectrum sharing scenarios using a wide range of methodologies, including static, input parameter variation, area, dynamic, Monte Caro and combinations such as area Monte Carlo.

Visualyse Professional includes a wide range of advanced features to enable it to analyse both co-frequency and non-co-frequency scenarios, the impact of terrain or clutter, the impact of traffic and complex handover strategies between satellites. These features allow it to model anything from a 5G network to a non-GSO mega-constellations such as SpaceX’s Starlink or OneWeb. An example screenshot of Visualyse Professional is shown below:

An example screenshot of Visualyse Professional

Visualyse Interplanetary

The objective of Visualyse Interplanetary is to extend the simulation ability of Visualyse Professional to allow:

  1. Modelling of stations around other celestial bodies including the Moon and Mars
  2. Enhance the geometric framework with a more detailed description of the Earth’s shape and rotation characteristics.

An example screenshot of Visualyse Interplanetary is shown below:

An example screenshot of Visualyse Interplanetary

Visualyse GSO

We have developed Visualyse GSO to support satellite coordination tasks, in particular for GSO satellites. It includes IFIC checker, detailed C/I calculation tool and integrates with ITU databases such as the SRS/IFIC and GIMS.

An example screenshot of Visualyse GSO

The figure above shows the SRS/IFIC coordination trigger tool while the figure below shows the Visualyse GSO detailed coordination tool.

An example screenshot of Visualyse GSO DC

Visualyse GSO can also consider non-GSO systems, for example during the import into the internal database as shown below:

An example screenshot of Visualyse GSO non-GSO

When in the internal database, a non-GSO system can then be considered during an IFIC check, in particular, to check for frequency overlap with other non-GSO systems.

Visualyse EPFD

Our Visualyse EPFD software is the leading implementation of the algorithm in Rec. ITU-R S.1503. It has been verified during testing with the ITU BR and can calculate:

  • EPFD (Up)
  • EPFD (Down)
  • EPFD (IS)

It can also analyse both the Article 22 and Articles 9.7A and 9.7B cases.

It is available in two versions, one the ITU’s “black-box” for pass/fail decisions and the other a product with graphical user interface that provides feedback on the calculation process and allows additional options to be modified.

An example screenshot of Visualyse EPFD

The Visualyse EPFD software is also capable of undertaking analysis using the methodology in Resolution 770 and includes methods being proposed for inclusion in a revision to Recommendation ITU-R S.1503, such as the Alpha Table Methodology. A screenshot is provided in Section 6.

An additional tool, the PFD Mask Generator Tool is available to assist in the generation of PFD masks.

PFD Mask Generator Tool

Training Courses

We also provide training courses in the use of our products including advanced training that can cover modelling of specific systems and scenarios, as non-GSO satellite coordination.

Consultancy Services

We can provide a wide range of consultancy services using our world-leading experts and software tools to rapidly generate solutions, including:

  • Interference analysis and spectrum sharing studies
  • Coordination support and meeting representation
  • ITU-R and CEPT meeting representation and support
  • Strategic consultancy to achieve regulatory goals.

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